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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Home Improvement Stores Join the Team Effort for Pollution Prevention

As part of our program's public outreach efforts, stormwater staff members visit home improvment stores through the City of Los Angeles to teach employees the fundamentals of pollution prevention.

Our goal is to educate as many employees as possible on the proper use and disposal of paint, pesticides and fertilizers with the idea that they will relay the correct information to the customers. Since the employees are the experts, customers often ask them for information on paint, pesticide and fertilizer use and disposal.

As part of the stormwater presentation and outreach, the employees are asked to sign a committment letter that states he/she will pass on any useful pollution prevention information to customers and encourage them to use safe practices around the house. So far this year, we have visited 22 home improvement stores in the area, recieving 137 signed committment letters from employees.

In addition to the signed committment letters, we asked some employees to commit to passing on the pollution prevention message to one additional employee at the store. When the employee passes on a pre-paid postage 3S’s commitment letter to have signed and mailed by another employee, then both recieve our Stormwater resuable tote bags as a token of our appreciation. An added bonus for joining the Team Effort and spreading the word on pollution prevention!
For more information on our public outreach and presentation, visit http://lastormwater.org/Siteorg/program/pubedpage.htm

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