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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

LA Rainwater Harvesting Program Debut: A Huge Success

Yesterday, the LA Stormwater Team attended Mar Vista's Wise Water Expo to start collecting sign-ups for the City's new Rainwater Harvesting Program.

The program offers eligible residents and businesses free installation and materials of rain capture systems. The City either provides rain barrels for on-site irrigation or disconnects downspouts to allow for direct watering routes to permeable surfaces such as landscapes and gardens.

The goal of the program is to minimize the amount of rainwater from entering the streets, where it has the potential to pick up pollutants along the way to the ocean as well as to conserve the use of potable water outdoors.

Mar Vista residents who were eager to save money, conserve water and protect our local environment were the majority of folks who visited our booth. During the event, 60 residents signed up for the program!
We are looking forward to much more participation and success with the launch of this program throughout the City.

For more information on the program , including sign-up details, please visit http://www.larainwaterharvesting.org/ or call Codi Harris at (562) 597-0205.

1 comment:

The Rain Saver said...

I applaud your effort to promote rainwater harvesting, however I hope you research the size of the systems needed for the people and do it properly. I live in Atlanta and we have several programs for rain barrels through municipalities and non-profits. Most are not properly designed and the amount of water captured from 1 or 2 rain barrels is only enough for a small garden or porch plants. Go to my blog http://www.SavingWithRain.info and go to Rain Barrels at the top for suggestions and you should partner with someone from the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Assoc, http://www.arcsa.org