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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Call for Comments on LID Ordinance

The City of LA wants to thank everyone who participated in the Low Impact Development (LID) workshops earlier this month.

A total of 66 program stakeholders attended the workshops, including representatives from a variety of organizations (business/development community, environmental community, neighboring cities and Los Angeles neighborhood councils).

The draft of the LID ordinance is now ready for your review and comments. Please email your comments directly to LAstormwater@lacity.org.

Low Impact Development (LID) is a relatively new approach to managing stormwater and urban runoff while mitigating the negative impacts of development and urbanization. The City has been in the process of developing this ordinance and accompanying Low-Impact Development (LID) manual to provide guidance for Low-Impact Development Standards.

The Stormwater Program is seeking public comments to be received no later than end of day November 6th. The LID ordinance will be presented to the Board of Public Works on November 13th.

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