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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Board Passes Low Impact Development Ordinance!

The Stormwater Program is excited to announce that on January 15, 2010 the Low Impact Development (LID) ordinance was approved by a unanimous City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works’ vote.

The ordinance will require 100% of runoff from a storm of three-quarter-inch magnitude to be captured or reused at new homes, larger commercial developments and some redevelopments.

If these requirements are not met; developers will pay a stormwater pollution fee that will be allocated to other public LID projects.

Many environmental and civic organizations supported the measure, which has been on the Board of Public Works’ table since fall of 2009. The passing of LID shows that the City of LA is serious about clean water.

Next, the City Council will have to approve the ordinance at which point it will be sent to the City Attorney’s office, and then final approval by the Council. Implementation is then expected to happen no later than early 2011.

Thanks to all those who showed up and supported this important, groundbreaking measure!

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*Photo courtesy of Oregon State University

1 comment:

Adi said...

Much thanks to dedicated city engineers for their work to give us clean beaches. Also to NGO's like Heal the Bay.