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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What Exactly is Low Impact Development (LID)?

Low Impact Development (LID) may seem like an oxymoron since development has to have some kind of impact. Right? Certainly any construction does impact its surroundings, but the effect development has on the local environment can actually be negative or positive.

In laymen’s terms, LID refers to land planning and engineering practices that mitigate the impact of stormwater pollution on the local environment.

In many cases, such as urban areas like Los Angeles, land has already been developed, yet up to date pollution controls are not always in place. In other instances when newer developments implement LID at the onset of construction, water pollution from urban runoff can be greatly decreased.

Examples of LID implementation may be bioswales, or areas where water is caught by natural vegetation or other sources before it reaches the storm drain. Another example is rain barrels, which can be attached to a residential home’s downspout in order to capture water before it runs through the streets to the stormwater system.

In short, LID not only improves water quality, it helps to improve our communities by decreasing pollution.

For more detailed information on LID, please visit our website at http://lastormwater.org/Siteorg/program/LID/lidintro.htm

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