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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why is LA proposing a Low Impact Development ordinance?

The City of Los Angeles is proposing a LID ordinance for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, LID will dramatically improve water quality in our city. By capturing and either infiltrating or using rainwater more effectively, on a larger scale, our oceans will be cleaner. Beach goers will thank us, not to mention marine life!

Secondly, LID may save the City and its taxpayer’s money. LID provides residents with the opportunity to use rainwater for outside irrigation needs, offsetting their need for potable water and conserving water in this time of drought. Additionally, many of L.A.’s storm drains are challenged with the amount of runoff they are forced to deal with during heavy rainfalls. Much of LA’s storm drain system was built in the 1930s and is simply not equipped to handle runoff from dense urban development which leads to flooding and an unnecessary burden on the system (see LA Downtown News’ article on the aging system).

However, if new and re- developments implement LID and control stormwater more efficiently by infiltrating or using the water before it reaches our creeks, rivers and beaches, our storm drain system will be less burdened with large amounts of urban runoff and may not require costly system upgrades.

Lastly, Los Angeles residents and businesses benefit from clean streets. Less flooding means more liveable communities and less trash flowing into our creeks, rivers, lakes and beaches. A reliable and functional storm drain system means safer, more vibrant neighborhoods. We all win.

LID is just one tool we have in our toolbox that will help us build the future of a cleaner and safer Los Angeles.

Why not use it?

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